Pink Tourmaline Bangle - Clearance

Pink Tourmaline Bangle - Clearance

Spiritual Guru Box

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*IRREGULAR - Possible small irregularities (Such as stone size or placement)

~ Gold Plated

Properties of Pink Tourmaline: Love, emotional healing, wholeness
Chakras: Heart (4th)

Spiritual properties: Encourages one with embracing spirituality of physical life

Pink Tourmaline can aid with repairing “holes” in the auric field created by negative attachments, or emotional wounds. It can assist with releasing stress, worry, depression or anxiety. Pink Tourmaline also helps to strengthen the flow between the heart and crown chakras.

Pink Tourmaline centers the energies at the heart chakra. It creates a subtle energy field that extends from the heart around the body. It helps to balance and harmonize the heart chakra. This helps create a flow of wholesome energy to the energetic and physical body.

What do we love about this stone? Its ability to help stabilize and harmonize unbalanced heart energy.