11 Signs You Are A Healer…

11 Signs You Are A Healer…

Do your ever find yourself thinking, “I feel like I want to be a healer, but how can I tell if I have the gift of being a healer?” Then wondering, “Shouldn’t I pursue this more and if I am a healer? What am I supposed to do with this gift? How will I know?”

What is a healer exactly?
A healer is someone who has a natural ability to raise another person's vibration. 

Simple as that. A healer has an ability, or natural ability, to raise another person's vibration when they come into contact with them. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, when a person leaves your presence and you feel better than before they arrived…that’s a healer.

Sign #1 – You are drawn to healing. 
You’re just simply drawn to it. You're drawn to the entire aspect of it in general. You might be drawn towards energy work, Reiki, alternative medicine, or any of the “traditional” healing jobs I mentioned.
When people say, I feel like I meant to be a healer, but I don't know if I have the ability or the skill, how do I know? Well, that's your number one sign right there. You are drawn to it. 

Sign #2 – You have an urge to develop your abilities and/or psychic senses.

You feel drawn into the metaphysical community, and you have the urge to develop your metaphysical or spiritual abilities. Such as psychic abilities or spirit communication abilities, energy work abilities, or empathic abilities. You’re feeling the urge to develop your spiritual body and the abilities that come with it. 

Sign #3 – Your Empathic abilities tend to be on the higher side. 

Most healers are Empaths. Even if they are in traditional medicine, usually they have an empathic connection with their patients. Sometimes they don’t even know they’re an Empath. But if you know you are, there’s a high probability you’re a healer.

Sign #4 – You have an anxiety or panic disorder. 

You would not think that this would fall under the healing category but it does. 
People who have anxiety and panic disorders tend to have a very high ability to read energy. 

The ability to read energy many times turns into a disorder because people don't have the proper knowledge to understand what’s actually happening…they are an Empath! And many Empaths are healers. 

Sign #5 – You feel like you should be doing more for humanity.

Helping humanity and being more conscientious of the planet. Basically, when you become in tune with your spiritual body, your natural healing abilities begin to surface. And you look at the world a little bit differently. You feel it in your heart, something guiding you towards the urge to be a part of healing humanity.

Sign #6 – You lived a past life as a healer.

Or past lives. You may not even remember this, but you will “feel” it. It’s a part of who you are. Most healers have done some type of healing work in other lifetimes. 

So when your vibration begins to raise, your “soul’s memory” of being a healer in other lifetimes, will naturally begin to surface. And it will be like, “Hey, remember we do this? Remember you have this skill? Hey, we should do this more…” It’s familiar, it’s a part of your past, it’s part of who you are…and it feels good.

Sign #7 - People tend to come to you with problems or problems or issues. 

If people tend to come to you with their problems, or open up to you about issues they are having, that’s another strong indicator. It might be strangers, friends, family, or coworkers. If you're the one who people tend to go to for advice or problem solving, that’s a sign of a healer. 

Sign #8 – You're in the healing field already, or you have a history of healers in your family.
For instance. you might have a lot of traditional doctors in your family. Or maybe you're in the field of alternative medicine. It doesn't matter the type of healing, it's all along the same lines. So if you're already in the healing field, or you have a history of healers in your family, that’s a good indicator. 

Sign #9 – You have physical signs.

Your hands tingle, vibrate, buzz, or feel prickly like pins and needles. Or they get hot. Usually hot on the palms. Those are definite indicators that you're a healer. Another one that people often overlook is their ears heating up, sometimes including your neck and face. This can occur out of nowhere, usually when you are around a person or group of people. (This is also an indicator that you're a channeler). 

Sign #10 - You dream of doing healing work. 

If you have dreams of doing healing work, meeting with a council, or people in white robes, that's almost always an indicator you’re a healer. You, may not even know what healing work you are doing. But you will know you're doing some type of healing work, because there will be people lined up in front of you. You might be using your hands, or you may be just talking to them. You might even think, “I have no idea what just happened right then. But I definitely feel like I was helping people.”

Sign #11 – You have a natural ability to raise someone's vibration. 

In other words, they leave your presence feeling better than they did before they came. Will you do that to everyone you meet? No, that's not how it works. It doesn't mean every single person you come into contact with is going to feel better when they leave. 

However, if someone comes to you with a problem, or they're feeling down about something, and they leave feeling better. It’s a pretty good indication that you have the natural ability to raise their vibration. And the ability to raise someone’s vibration is a definite a sign of a healer.

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