Collection: Crystal Elixer Water Bottles

Rose Quartz * Love & Tranquility
Amethyst * Peace & Energy
Clear Quartz * Clarity & Power
Obsidian Quartz * Strength & Stability
Smokey Quartz * Protection & Positivity
Citrine * Creativity & Manifestation


Crystal elixirs have been used since ancient times. It’s a great way to bring the vibrational energies and healing qualities of crystals, conveniently into your everyday life. At Spiritual Guru we also believe in being kind to the environment, so this was a natural fit for us.

Please handle with care!

  • Our crystal balanced water bottle is made of glass, with a pure natural crystal.
  • Rinse before use.
  • Do not freeze or microwave.
  • Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, but hand wash is highly recommended.