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Shungite is a very rare crystal. It’s essential to those on a spiritual journey because of its ability to help correct any imbalances in the energetic body. Our favorite quality? Its ability to shield electromagnetic energy. You will definitely want this near your phone or computer.

Properties: Activation of the light body, purification and cleansing, blocks electromagnetic radiation.

Chakras: ALL

Spiritual properties: Aligns and balances all particles of the body preparing one for Light Activation.

Shungite: Is a cleansing and purification stone which opens one to receive spiritual light. It aides in clearing the energetic body of negative and toxic energy which many times manifests into the physical body affecting ones physical health.

What do we love about this stone? It blocks electromagnetic radiation! This is a super cool quality. Especially with how much people are using computers, cellphones, and microwaves these days.

Who’s it good for? Shungite is a good stone to have for those who use a lot of electronics. So pretty much everyone should have this stone. (They even make sticks for your cellphone, the bracelets are nice too).

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