Collection: Garnet


Properties of Garnet: Higher thinking, self-empowerment, strength and security.

Chakras: Root (1st)

Spiritual Properties: Grounding, protection, and arouses kundalini energies.

Garnet is a stone of ancient times often worn by royalty and aristocrats. Used during a time of physical endurance and survival, it's known as the stone of survival. It's natural ability to strengthen the survival instinct, helps to bring about courage and hope.

Garnet is also a stone of psychic protection. It keeps you strongly connected to the physical body which makes it difficult for negative energies to attach themselves.

A stone of commitment, it also represents love. It aids with revitalizing feelings of love, enhances sexuality, and balancing sex drive. 

What do we love about this stone? Garnet aids with purifying and balancing energy. Used in Chinese medicine, it supports the flow of Chi throughout the body, which boosts the detox of negative emotions that manifest in the body. 

Who’s it good for? For those who are feeling sluggish, disconnected, or lacking energy. Those who are having relationship issues, or feeling lonely. Garnet also helps with emotional and energetic discord, which is good for those who tend to worry or have anxiety.