12 Signs You Have Psychic Abilities...

Do you ever wonder if your psychic? Or have psychic potential? Did you know that about 70% of people who have psychic tendencies dismiss them? Well we don’t want you to do that, so here’s a list of 12 psychic signs, and we bet you have at least a few of them. 

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #1: Do you ever wonder if you have, or have ever had psychic abilities? (As an adult or when you were younger). People who wonder if they have psychic senses are usually in the beginning stages of psychic development. 

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #2: Do you remember ever “seeing things” or “knowing things” as a child? In one instance? Or several times? Even if it faded away as you became older?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #3: Do you ever experience “gut feelings”? Do you find that you pay attention to them? Or ignore them

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #4: Do you ever find that you “know” things, only you can’t explain why? Do you find that you ignore these thoughts or feelings because you can’t explain how you know them?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #5: Do you ever see shadows, streaks of light, or “things” out of the corner of your eye? But when you look that direction, nothing is there?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #6: Do you ever have “vivid” or dreams that seem very real to you? Dreams that are very “different” than your regular dreams? (Of unique places, loved ones who’ve passed, or other people who you don’t know in this lifetime?)

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #7: Are you fascinated with Angels or your Spirit Guide? Do you ever find you can you “feel” them? Or have you had an experience with them that has stuck with you?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #8: Do you ever know who’s calling you before you answer the phone? Or think about someone and then they will call, or you will run into them somewhere? Do you ever call someone and they say, “Weird, I was just thinking/talking about you!”

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #9: Do you find that you like or dislike people, or places, based on a “feeling or knowing” you have? Or find that you know something about another person that you shouldn’t have known?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #10: Have you seen or heard a spirit or spirits before? Either in person, or a dream state? Have you ever heard someone call your name while sleeping, or felt someone touch you? Only to discover you are alone, or your partner is sleeping?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #11: Do you find you are easily “spooked” or edgy at nighttime? You get more frightened at nighttime, or you are scared to be alone?

PSYCHIC ABILITY SIGN #12: Is your “awareness” heightened? Do you find that you are noticing more things like synchronistic numbers, coins on the floor, feathers in random places, animals trying to get your attention (birds, insects, pets), or other random patterns, etc.?

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