5 Super Powerful Healing Crystals & Stones

5 Super Powerful Healing Crystals & Stones

Crystals and stones have some very powerful healing properties. They’ve been used to heal the energetic, etheric, and physical bodies for hundreds of thousands of years. While their healing properties are endlessly fascinating, they’re also beautiful to look at. Jewelry which were made from crystals and stones began with a purpose, certain stones and crystals were chosen for very specific reasons. They were chosen for their properties, some of which included:

Spiritual activation
Clearing the energetic body
Emotional balancing
Astral travel and dreaming
Spirit guide and angel communication
Mental clarity

Just to name a few. Because it was important for everyone to keep their spiritual bodies activating at a high vibration while maintaining a clear and clean energetic field. A clean and clear energetic field is known to have a profound effect on your physical health. So maintaining balance between the physical and spiritual worlds, needless to say, is very important.

Sounds simple right? Well not so much. The world of crystals and stones can be very overwhelming, and confusing, to say the least. Many times, it just leaves you with more questions than answers…

What stone should I use?

What does this one do?

How do I choose a stone or crystal?

So, we wanted to simplify it a little and show you our favorite top 5 super powerful healing crystals and stones. Ones we think everyone should have.

#1 Clear Quartz



Properties: Healing, clearing, cleansing, clarity, and power.

Chakras: All

Spiritual properties: Aides in spirit guide communication, enhances clarity.

Clear Quartz is called the Stone of Light, and helps to bring clarity and spiritual awareness to those who wear it or meditate with it. It’s a versatile and multidimensional stone which can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. Clear Quartz is known for being very powerful, it’s so powerful it can be used charge other crystals. 

One of our favorite qualities of the Clear Quartz is it also amplifies one’s intention. (Which also makes it a good manifestation crystal).

Who’s it good for? Clear Quartz should be a staple for anyone collecting or using crystals. Especially if you are interested in healing or metaphysics.

#2 Shungite

Properties: Activation of the light body, purification and cleansing, blocks electromagnetic radiation.

Chakras: ALL

Spiritual properties: Aligns and balances all particles of the body preparing one for Light Activation.

Shungite is a cleansing and purification stone which opens one to receive spiritual light. It aides in clearing the energetic body of negative and toxic energy which many times manifests into the physical body affecting ones physical health.

One of our favorite things about Shungite is it blocks electromagnetic radiation! This is a super cool quality. Especially with how much people are using computers, cellphones, and microwaves these days.

Who’s it good for? Shungite is a good stone to have for those who use a lot of electronics. So pretty much everyone should have this stone. (They even make sticks for your cellphone, the bracelets are nice too).

#3 Blue Calcite


Properties: Astral travel, psychic ability, calms energetic/emotional body.

Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)

Spiritual properties: Opens awareness of unconscious realms.

Blue Calcite calms those who are emotionally sensitive or sensitive to outside energies such as an Empath. It also sooths the emotional body and buffers the impact of psychic sensitivities allowing those who are psychically sensitive to calm their bodies enough to relax.

Blue Calcite is also called a Dream Stone. One of our favorite things about this stone is it aides with exit and entry of the body when astral traveling. It also promotes clarity while dreaming, and aides in recall and translation while going from an unconscious dream state to the conscious state of awakening.

Who’s it good for? Good for those who wish to be more connected with their dreams. Or anyone interested in, or having issues with astral travel. 

#4 Flourite


Properties: Clears energy fields, promotes mental clarity.

Chakras: All

Spiritual properties: Helps to clear the energetic body, clears astral contamination.

Flourite clears everything from mental issues, and thoughts, to astral energy, and negativity. It’s your energetic cleanser. It also helps with dizziness and vertigo. Flourite comes in a rainbow of colors such as: black, green, purple, red, pink, yellow, and white.

What we love about this stone is that it’s an energetic and astral cleanser. This is super important since everyone astral travels at night even if they are not aware they do so.

Who’s it good for? Anyone and everyone. Maintaining a clear energetic body aides in good physical health.

#5 Selenite


Properties: Spiritual activation, clears energy blocks, facilitates healing.

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th- 14th)

Spiritual properties: Stimulates connection with higher self, spirit guides, and angels.

Selenite is one of the most powerful stones for activating the upper chakras. It stimulates and activates the third eye and crown chakras quickly. This aides in connecting with one’s higher consciousness and higher self. Also allowing a clearer channel when working with spirit guides and angels.

What we love about this stone is such a powerful high vibration stone. It’s amazing how the upper chakras respond to it. Plus, it’s an aura cleanser, bonus!

Who’s it good for? Anyone interested in connecting with their higher consciousness, or communicating with their spirit guide and angels. Also, for those who wish to keep their aura clean.


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