8 Energy Clearing Techniques

8 Energy Clearing Techniques

It’s important that you learn how to “clear” your space (home, bedroom, workspace, car, etc.) when you are working to raise your vibration, and become more “in tune” with your spiritual body. However, many times people are not quite sure how to do this. So we’ve put together a some tips for you on how to clear your space of murky energy.

8 Energy Clearing Techniques

1) Keep your house, car, and workspace clear of clutter.

It’s unrealistic that you’ll be able to do this all of the time, but try and make sure things get organized and cleaned at least weekly. Clutter holds energy, and if your space is a mess, then the energy that flows in your space is going to be a mess too.

2) Dust!  

Energy sticks to dust, therefore, dust can hold a lot of murky energy. If you don’t want to dust, hire someone to do it for you because this is super important.

3) Burn incense.

Incense is really great and Sandlewood is one of the best to burn when clearing your space. You should burn incense after cleaning. Here are some good ones to use: 

  • Myrrh
  • Dragons Blood
  • Frankenscense
  • Lilac
  • Rose
  • White Sage

4) Burn Sage.

Sage has been used for centuries to clear people, places, and even things. The only downfall is it can be very strong, and some people do not like the smell. However, sage is a super powerful clearing technique. 

5) Clean with soap and water.

Wipe down counters and surfaces with water and a small bit of soap.

TIP: Whenever you feel like you’ve picked up murky energy from somewhere and you can feel it on your hands or your entire being, make sure to wash your hands or take a shower. The minute you wash yourself off with water, you should feel better.

6) Place crystals or quartz, or stones around the room.

Stones have been used for centuries to clear energy. The high vibrations some stones can emit can have a repelling effect on low vibration energy. Some popular clearing stones are:

  • Crystals
  • Quartz
  • Amethyst 

7) White light or Angel meditation. 

A basic White Light or Angel Meditation works well. Attached is the Angel meditation we use.

FREE Download Angel Meditation

8) Use a clearing spray.

  • Rose water works really well for this. You can usually buy it at any health food store. Buy a small spray bottle, or find one, put the rose water in the spray bottle, mist whatever you wish to clear.
  • Salt is also a good clearing mineral to use and it’s very popular. You can buy rock salt at any health food store (small rock salt the kind that goes in a salt grinder, do not use iodized salt). Dilute the salt in water and put in a spray bottle, or you can put it in a bowl and use your fingers to spritz the room or any items you wish to clear. Use about a teaspoon to a cup.
  • You can also buy an essential oil clearing spray.


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