Have You Seen An Angel? 9 Angel Signs…

Have You Seen An Angel? 9 Angel Signs…

Did you know your Guardian Angel is with you all the time? Did you know you have constant energetic connection with your Guardian Angel?

Sometimes it might not feel like it, but it’s true. They are our personal protectors…

From the minute you’re born, until the minute you leave this planet your Guardian Angel (who’s been assigned to you) is in constant energetic connection with you. This means they can be where ever you're at in the most instantaneous millisecond you can ever imagine. And they primarily have two jobs.

Angels are protectors. They're there for energetic protection. And sometimes physical protection.

Angels are healers. They help to heal your vibration and keep your vibration, moving in a certain direction or a certain flow.

Besides your Guardian Angel, there are also many other types of Angels who come in and out of your life. So at any given time you could be surrounded by six or more Angels!

 So how can you tell if an angel is around? Well here are some signs…

9 Angel Signs

Sign #1 - Feathers

Angels love to leave feathers especially if you are worried about something or someone. Just a little indicator that everything is going to be okay.

Sign #2 – Orbs

Many times Angels appear as balls of energy called orbs. They are often times caught on film (by loved ones). So that's where a lot of people see orbs. But you can physically see orbs too, however, that's a lot less common.

Sign #3 – They show up in human form.

  • They can talk to you for a minute, then just disappear as if into thin air. Like you turn away for a second and they’re gone.
  • Usually angels in human form feel very, very different. (You know exactly what we mean if you’ve ever seen one).
  • They're also usually giving you some interesting type of message that leaves you intrigued for a while.

An intriguing message, coupled with a quick exit, and very different feeling, is a pretty good indicator you’ve had contact with an angel.

Sign #4 – Flashes of light.

You sometimes see flashes of light when an Angel comes into our dimension. It looks like a ball of light with a color in the center and it will light up the entire room like a flash bulb. Kind of like an orb, only much bigger and way brighter. The center of the light is usually about three feet or higher off the ground, or right above your head. And happens simultaneously with a loud popping noise.

Sign #5 – Seeing them in their natural state or form.

Often Angels will show up around children, or someone who needs  healing. There’ve been many reports of Angels being caught on hospital security cameras. Children will often mention seeing angels in their natural state, with wings and all.

Sign #6 – You can feel them.

You can actually feel them around you. When you need them the most, such as: if you’re experiencing major stress, or you’re worried about someone’s health, your safety, or a loved one.

It feels like fuzzy warm energy engulfs you, and it’s the most calming, loving feeling. Like a warm, fuzzy energy blanket. And you will have an intense feeling to the core of your soul, that everything will be fine. After you experience feeling an Angel, many times a euphoric feeling will stay with you the rest of the day.

Sign #7 – There’s an intervention of some kind.

There is a healing intervention, a health, or physical intervention. For instance, someone made it out of a very scary situation unharmed. Or experienced a healing that didn’t seem possible. These are many times angel interventions.

Sign #8 – Mother Nature.

Angels, they're very closely linked with Mother Nature Energy. You might see things like:

  • Cloud formations of an angel.
  • Halos of light in the sky.
  • Rock formations.
  • Or something in the sand.
  • Anything that resembles an Angel that mother nature had a hand in creating.

Sign #9 – Dreams.

They come most often in your dreams. When you dream about them they might be in human form or in angelic form. But you will wake up having a “knowing” it was an Angel.

Usually when you come into contact with an Angel, they will be offering guidance, support, or healing. But one thing is for sure, if you’re ever wondering, “Was that an Angel?” The answer is yes, or they were sent by one.


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