Selenite The Aura Cleanser!

Selenite The Aura Cleanser!

SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES OF SELENITE: Aura cleanser, upper chakra activation, spiritual attunement.

CHAKRAS: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th - 14th)

Selenite quickly opens and activates the upper chakras. It is also fast and effective at clearing your auric field. It's intensity is greater than almost any other stones for the etheric body. This makes it one of the most "effective" stones when it comes to clearing blocked and negative energy from your etheric and physical bodies.


1) As a third eye and crown chakra activator: Hold it to your third eye for a few minutes, then to your crown chakra before or after a meditation for a minute or so. Imagine your chakras spinning clockwise as they activate and connect with your Selenite.

2) As an aura cleanser: Cleanse your aura by moving Selenite around your body and imagining the selenite cutting cords, and "sponging" up any unwanted energy you've gathered through out your day.

3) To absorb negativity in the physical body: You can also use it as a massage tool on your physical body with your arms, legs, etc. As you massage your body with Selenite it will absorb any unwanted energy which you've absorbed into your physical body, muscles, etc.

4) To achieve energetic alignment and alignment of your chakras: Place a piece of Selenite between your shoulder blades while lying face down for 5 - 10 minutes.

5) Selenite can also be used for energy grids: It's and excellent stone when using an energy grid around one's body.

6) Higher consciousness dreaming: Place it next to your bed, where you sleep, or under your pillow. It helps to lift ones awareness to higher plains, making it easier to connect with ones higher consciousness, angels, spirit guides, etc.

7) During astral travel: Placing next to your bed, where you sleep, or under your pillow. As Selenite helps you to achieve higher consciousness dreaming, it will also help to keeping your astral body clear of any unwanted energy as you astral travel. It will also help to keep your etheric body "clear" as you come back into body.

Selenite also a soft stone so make sure not to carry it with other stones, and store it in a soft bag or cloth.


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