Collection: Gemstones & Crystals

Crystals and stones have some very powerful healing properties. They’ve been used to heal the energetic, etheric, and physical bodies for hundreds of thousands of years. While their healing properties are endlessly fascinating, they’re also beautiful to look at. Jewelry which were made from crystals and stones began with a purpose, certain stones and crystals were chosen for very specific reasons. They were chosen for their properties, some of which included:

Spiritual activation
Clearing the energetic body
Emotional balancing
Astral travel and dreaming
Spirit guide and angel communication
Mental clarity

Just to name a few. Because it was important for everyone to keep their spiritual bodies activating at a high vibration while maintaining a clear and clean energetic field. A clean and clear energetic field is known to have a profound effect on your physical health. So maintaining balance between the physical and spiritual worlds, needless to say, is very important.