Blue Sandstone Merkaba Copper Pendulum

Blue Sandstone Merkaba Copper Pendulum

Spiritual Guru Box

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*Willpower & Wisdom*

Properties of Blue Sandstone: Known as the stone of ambition, Blue Sandstone is the perfect companion for those who lack the drive or self-confidence to ask for what they want.

Chakras: Heart (4th), Crown (7th)

Spiritual Properties: If you're in deep need of change, the vibrant Blue Sandstone is a beautiful amulet for new beginnings. It helps you keep a clear mind to better discern between the things you want to let go of and those you wish to keep.

What do we love about this stone? Blue Sandstone is a gentle grounding crystal that promotes vitality and gives you a boost of energy to pursue your goals. They believe its vibration can benefit those who suffer from arthritic conditions, bone and joint pain, and problems with circulation.

Who’s it good for? Blue Sandstone offers hope that the universe has something better in store and allows you to acknowledge life-changing insights that need to be understood.