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Crystal Quartz w/ Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Crystal Quartz w/ Black Tourmaline Bracelet

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  • 2 Gemstones make this a powerhouse!
  • Crystal Quartz w/ Black Tourmaline
  • Men's Size
  • 12mm


Properties of Crystal Quartz: Programmability, amplification of one’s intention, magnification of ambient energies

Chakras: All

Spiritual properties: Aids in spirit guide communication, enhances clarity 

Crystal Quartz is called the Stone of Light and helps to bring clarity and spiritual awareness to those who wear it or meditate with it. It’s a versatile and multidimensional stone which can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. Crystal Quartz is known for being very powerful. It’s so powerful it can be used to charge other crystals.

What’s our favorite quality of Crystal Quartz? It amplifies one’s intention (which also makes it a good manifestation crystal). It has strong healing properties.

Who’s it good for? Crystal Quartz should be a staple for anyone collecting or using crystals, especially if you are interested in healing or metaphysics.


Properties of Black Tourmaline:  Purification and protection

Chakras: Root (1st)

Spiritual properties: Aids with grounding and cleansing of the energy field

Black Tourmaline offers psychic and energetic protection for those who work or live in challenging places or circumstances. It can help to keep one’s aura clear of imbalance when in the presence of destructive energies. It’s known as a purification stone because of its ability to clear one’s etheric field and surroundings of negative energy and disharmony. Helps bring balance to the root chakra.

What do we love about this stone? The vibration of this combination of this stone is amazing. We feel the Crystal Quartz helps to amplify the protection properties of the tourmaline. We also love how it clears one’s etheric body and surroundings of negativity and disharmony.

Who’s it good for? Those who suffer from or are trying to rid themselves from toxic emotions and negative thought patterns such as worry, judgment, low self-esteem or self-worth, fear, anger, etc. It is also good for those who might be surrounded by negativity or disharmony.

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