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Hematite Silver Plated Adjustable Wrap Ring

Hematite Silver Plated Adjustable Wrap Ring

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~ Silver Plated
~ Adjustable

Properties of Hematite: Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical

Chakras: Root (1st)

Spiritual properties: Helps one believe in one’s dreams and bring them into manifestation

What do we love about this stone? Hematite is among the most effective stones for grounding oneself in the body and the physical world. It can counteract “feeling out of body” and confusion, helping one to see practical concerns and move forward with useful action. The stone pulls stray energies down through the meridian system to the root chakra. 

Who’s it good for? Because if its grounding capabilities, Hematite should be stable stone for Empaths, people who are learning to develop their psychic abilities, or for those who are already psychically sensitive. Additionally, it is beneficial to anyone who is ready to bring his or her dreams and aspirations into reality. 

*Please note all rings are unique because they are gemstones, no two rings are alike.*


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