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Opalite "Moon" Necklace

Opalite "Moon" Necklace

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  • Opalite Moon Necklace 18" chain

Why did we choose this for our Spiritual Awakening Bundle?

Opalite has been known to help with Energy, Balance, & Transition. And because of this it's actually used to help aid with the spiritual awakening process.

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Opalite also aids in sleep, balancing your yin-yang energies, and spirit communication. Because it is believed to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, Opalite is wonderful choice with working with the spiritual realm. Whether it be a past life regression, discovering your souls purpose, or communicating with your guides or angels, or becoming more "in tune" with your spiritual body.

Why we chose it for our Spiritual Awakening bundle? Besides the above, it holds a high energy that’s known for bringing balance and harmony. It also is used to aid with adjusting to a major change. 

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