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Pyrite Gold Bangle Cuff ~ "Manifesting, Positive Energy, & Anxiety"

Pyrite Gold Bangle Cuff ~ "Manifesting, Positive Energy, & Anxiety"

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~ Gold plated over copper
~ Stones vary in size and shape

Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd)

Spiritual properties: Enhances positive energy, manifestation through will, banishes negativity

Pyrite is excellent for activating and increasing power in the third chakra. Enhances will power and can help you to rid yourself of bad habits and establish new ones. It aids in overcoming anxiety, helps you to pin point negative influences, and gives you the will power to release those influences.

Pyrite also helps to balance polarities which brings harmony to the auric field. It increases mental clarity and enhances the will to take action.

What do we love about Pyrite? This is a power stone. It enhances the power of the third chakra, will power, the power of action. It also harmonizes one with their creative side. It is one of our favorite manifestation stones.

Who’s it good for? Anyone who struggles with personal power, or those who are interested in manifestation, prosperity, and personal success.
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