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Sodalite Gemstone Gold Adjustable Obelisk Ring

Sodalite Gemstone Gold Adjustable Obelisk Ring

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Gold Plated over Copper

Properties of Sodalite: Enhances insight and deepens intuition

Chakras: Third Eye (6th)

Spiritual properties: Conjoins mental acuity and psychic ability for wider awareness

Sodalite is the gemstone of insight. Helping one penetrate paradox and contradiction in order to form a new synthesis of thought. It stimulates psychic vision and multi-leveled understanding.

What do we love about this stone? Its ability to help one see the patterns that connect the inner and outer worlds.

Who’s it good for? Astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, and those who are interested or working in the metaphysical field. As well as those who are working on enhancing their psychic senses and abilities.

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