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Strawberry Quartz Rough Tear Drop Gold Earrings ~ "Emotional Balance"

Strawberry Quartz Rough Tear Drop Gold Earrings ~ "Emotional Balance"

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“Emotional Balance and Positive Energy”

Properties of Strawberry Quartz: Love, release of stress, balance and power

Chakras: Heart (4th)

Spiritual properties: Amplifies intensions of love, gratitude, and generosity

Strawberry Quartz aids with stimulating and balancing your emotional and energetic bodies. It can help you focus and “tune into” the positive energies around you. This is an asset when setting out to achieve goals. It also is a powerful love stone, encouraging positive bonds between family, friends, or partners.

What do we love about this stone? Its ability to help stabilize unbalanced energy. Because of its high vibration, and its relationship with the heart chakra, Strawberry Quartz is one of the premier positivity stones.

Who’s it good for? For those who are interested in creating more positive relationships with love, friends, their environment, and even money!

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