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Stress & Anxiety Smudging & Clearing Kit

Stress & Anxiety Smudging & Clearing Kit

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CLEARING KIT (FOR STRESS & ANXIETY): Use this clearing kit to help with:
~ Stabilizing your energy and energy field
~ Enhancing chi, or life force energy
~ Stimulating and balancing your energy field
~ Strengthening your root chakra
~ Anchoring to Earth energy and grounding
~ Removing negative energy, worry, or emotional stress
~ Enhancing courage, empowerment, and strength

Red Jasper can aide with increasing the chi or life force energy in one's energetic field. It's a particularly fantastic grounding stone as it helps to stimulate the root chakra and deepen one's connection to the Earth.

The vibrational pattern of Red Jasper is so stable that it tends to stabilize one's own energies. This stabilization can lead to good health and balanced emotions. Red Jasper is a crystal well known to help those who are struggling with stress and is one of the more common stones to help calm and reduce anxiety.

Kit includes:

a California white sage bundle
one palo santos stick
one red jasper gemstone
muslin pouch
informational card
clearing card instructions

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