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Balance & Alignment Chakra Smudging & Clearing Kit

Balance & Alignment Chakra Smudging & Clearing Kit

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CLEARING KIT (FOR BALANCE & ALIGNMENT): We use this clearing kit to help with:

~ Activating our upper chakras.
~ Stimulating and activating the third eye and crown chakras quickly.
~ Clearing and cleansing our auric field.
~ Clearing congested energies or negativity from one's etheric body.
~ Connecting with one’s higher consciousness and higher self.
~ Allowing a clearer channel when working with spirit guides and angels.

What do we love about this stone? We love how it clears one’s etheric body and surroundings of negativity and disharmony. Which is especially helpful during moon phases.

Who’s it good for? It is also good for those who might be surrounded by negativity or disharmony. Also, for people who are susceptible to low vibrations, or feel like they need more “protection” during moon phases.

This kit includes:

2" - 3" abalone shell
a California white sage smudge stick

one palo santos stick
muslin pouch
clearing instructions

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