Collection: Clearing Kits & Smudging

It’s not only important to be aware spiritual energy that likes to occupy your space, but also of those who come and go out of your space. Because many times people tend to bring in the most intense energy. By doing a clearing you can essentially rid your area of any "low vibration" energy. And it can really affect how your space "feels" especially for those who are sensitive.

So needless to say it's important to clear your space: rooms, cars, workplace, etc. At least once a month. (For routine maintenance). Although, other people might like to do it weekly, or even daily.

Good times to do a clearing:

  • After having people around.
  • Before moving into a new space.
  • If you're having bad dreams.
  • If you're not sleeping well.
  • If you're having a bad day.
  • If you just want to switch up the energy of your place.
  • Routine maintenance: routinely monthly, weekly, or daily.

How to clear your house or a room/space with incense, palo santo, or sage: 

  • Start at the front door of the room or the front door of the house or room you wish to clear the energy.
  • Start with the door open.
  • Walk the perimeter first, either around the perimeter of the room/space, if you are clearing a house walk the perimeter of each room in the house.
  • Once you get back to the door walk out. *This creates a barrier.*
  • Lastly, place the incense, palo santo, or sage on the counter or a table. We like to place them in an abalone shell, to finish clearing the energy of your space. (Let burn for a few more minutes until the scent fills the room).

Extra clearing tips:

  • Use a clearing spray on yourself, and items you feel needs cleared of unwanted energy. (After cleaning them with soap and water).
  • Place crystals around the room where you wish to "catch" any new negative or unwanted energy.